10 Short Story In English With Moral

Calling all Short Story In English With Moral lovers! Craving a quick escape into a world of imagination? Look no further! This post dives into a collection of short stories in English, each one packed with a powerful message. Dive in, discover captivating tales, and learn valuable life lessons—all in a single sitting!

Short Story In English With Moral

1. The Greedy Monkey

Once upon a time, there was a greedy monkey who lived in a tree. One day, he saw a farmer’s basket full of delicious-looking fruits. The monkey climbed down and grabbed as many fruits as he could hold. But as he tried to climb back up the tree, he realized his hands were too full to hold on. The monkey lost all the fruits and had to go back to his tree empty-handed. The moral of the story is: that greed leads to loss.

2. The Hare and the Tortoise

A hare and a tortoise had a race. The horse was so fast that he ran ahead and stopped to take a nap. Meanwhile, the slow but steady tortoise kept walking and eventually passed the sleeping hare. When the hare woke up, he saw the tortoise had already reached the finish line. The moral of the story is: Slow and steady wins the race.

3. The Lion and the Mouse

A lion was sleeping in his den when a little mouse started running up and down upon him. This disturbed the lion’s sleep, and he woke up. He was about to eat the mouse when the mouse begged for mercy. The lion had pity on the small creature and let him go. Later, the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. The mouse heard the lion’s roars and quickly gnawed the ropes to set the lion free. The moral of the story is: that kindness is never wasted.

4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There was a young shepherd boy who liked to play tricks on the villagers. One day, he yelled “Wolf! Wolf!” even though there was no wolf. The villagers came running, but when they saw there was no wolf, they got angry and left. Later, when a real wolf came, the boy cried, “Wolf! Wolf!” but the villagers did not believe him and did not come to his aid. The moral of the story is: that liars are not believed even when they tell the truth.

5. The Ant and the Grasshopper

In the summer, an ant worked hard to store up food for the winter. A grasshopper sang and played all summer long. When winter came, the ant was warm and well-fed, but the grasshopper had no food and was cold and hungry. The moral of the story is: It’s important to be prepared for the future.

6. The Helpful Ant

Tiny the ant was carrying a big crumb of bread back to his anthill. It was very heavy! He saw a grasshopper lounging in the sun. “Hey Grasshopper,” Tiny said, “Can you help me with this crumb?” Grasshopper chuckled. “Why work so hard, little ant? Relax and enjoy the sunshine!” Tiny kept struggling. Later, he saw other ants helping each other. Together, they carried the crumb back to the anthill.

Moral: Teamwork makes the dream work!

7. The Honest Rabbit

Pip, the rabbit, found a shiny gold coin in the forest. “Wow!” he thought, “I can buy all the carrots I want!” But then he remembered that it didn’t belong to him. He took the coin to the owl, who lived in a nearby tree. “This doesn’t belong to me,” Pip squeaked. The owl found the owner, a lost squirrel. The squirrel was so happy and offered Pip a big, juicy carrot as thanks. Pip enjoyed the carrot, and knowing honesty felt even better.

Moral: Honesty is always the best policy.

8. The Wise Old Turtle

Shelly, the turtle, was slow and steady. He loved watching the other animals race around. One day, a group of rabbits challenged him to a race. Shelly chuckled. “I know I’m slow, but let’s race anyway.” The race began. The rabbits zoomed off, laughing at Shelly. But soon, they tired themselves out. Shelly kept going, slow and steady. In the end, Shelly won the race!

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

9. The Kind Butterfly

Luna, the butterfly, loved playing with the other butterflies in the flower garden. One day, a caterpillar named Buzz felt left out. “I can’t fly yet,” Buzz sighed. Luna landed beside him. “Don’t worry, Buzz,” she said. “Soon you’ll be a beautiful butterfly too!” Luna played with Buzz all day, cheering him up. Later, Buzz spun a cocoon. Weeks later, a stunning butterfly emerged! Luna and Buzz flew together as happy friends.

Moral: Kindness makes the world a better place.

10. The Brave Little Firefly

Flick, the firefly, was afraid of the dark. Every night, he’d hide under a leaf. One night, a big storm came. The wind howled, and the rain poured. Flick saw a baby bird fall out of its nest. The mama bird couldn’t reach it in the dark. Flick took a deep breath and flew out, his light helping the mama bird find her baby. Flick was scared, but he was also brave.

Moral: Bravery is doing what’s right, even when you’re scared.

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